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Internet Marketing

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Who we are:

Welcome to ProsConnected! Your portal to find and connect with customers and other professionals in your local area. We specialize in driving the right traffic to professionals to help them build and expand their business.

What we offer:

We offer a platform for professionals to build their brand and find customers efficiently. Additionally, we help them promote their services and manage their clients through series of online applications.

How we do it:

We do this by providing an Artificially Intelligent System which offers everything professionals need when it comes to online marketing. We drive maximum amount of traffic to your business while minimizing your marketing efforts.

Website Design & Hosting

Our AI provides you with a dedicated web space, free domain, and a brand new website. Each website is customizable and you can choose from many different designs, fonts, and themes.

Content Writing & SEO

Our AI puts together keyword driven content that optimizes your new website based on your profession, services you offer, and your location. Additionally, AI will post a minimum of 1 new optimized article per day.

Social Media Marketing

Timing is everything when it comes to social media. Our AI notifies you and in most cases automatically shares your articles when it is time to be shared on social media.

Online Advertising

AI also takes away the stress, time, and money that is required to do online advertising. Our AI automatically advertises for your services through series of free and paid advertising channels.

Getting Started with AI Internet Marketing

Following short presentation demonstrates ProsConnected's AI power and how you can get completely set up on the platform in less than 4 MINUTES.


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