Things to Do Before Going on Vacation

Most of the world sets goals and makes resolutions all the time, however, very few percents of people actually stick to those resolutions. While it’s entirely possible that many people are being unrealistic with their goals, the number one thing you need to do before going on a vacation is to write down your achievements and goals. Doing this will set you up to be productive and enables you to go into your vacation with a clear direction and positive attitude.

going on vacation

Part of setting realistic goals and priorities is reflecting on what you’ve accomplished in the past. Here are few good questions to ask yourself:

  • How many accounts did you manage?
  • How much in sales volume did you secure? 
  • Did you reduce cost? 
  • How many clients did you interact with? 
  • Did you surpass a quota?
  • Did you manage a team? If so, how many team members did you manage?
  • Did you work with any notable clients or vendors?
  • Did you secure any partnerships?

The answer to each of these questions is something that you accomplished. Be proud of that! You may not know these metrics off the top of your head, so go ahead and calculate them. Do some research and figure out your personal statistics. This will help you see where you are in your role and in your career and will give you perspective on how you can grow and improve.

Next, define what you want to accomplish and achieve when you're back from your vacation. Do a self-assessment and figure out your priorities and then build from there. The idea is to figure out where you want to be in the next few months and how you will get there. Make an outline or a to-do list so you can clearly see the path to your end result. Once you have figured out what you need to accomplish and how to prioritize each task, you can actually get started on accomplishing it.

This works because writing your goals and dreams holds you accountable, and also creates a physical reminder of what you’re working towards. Physically writing your goals down forces both sides of your brain to work together, stimulating a more powerful response and a greater ambition to meet those goals. Keep in mind that if your goal is completely unrealistic in terms of logistics or science, it likely won’t pan out. Set a specific goal that is challenging, but still attainable.

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