An Educated Approach to Real Estate

There are lots of Real Estate Meetups out there! Some good, some bad, and some just plain ugly.
We believe that the "good" category can use some help, so we've created a Meetup which will leverage the experience, expertise, and industry connections of Claude Boiron, who teaches Real Estate Investing at the University of Toronto, has authored multiple books, invests himself, and cares about educating and assisting current and future Real Estate investors.
At this Meetup, you can expect to have every question you have, answered, make connections with some of the most successful Real Estate investors who are keen to share their knowledge, and with industry professionals who are at the top of their game (and who aren't "salesy" - selling is not permitted in our Meetup!).
Claude is excited to meet everyone who can attend our Meetups. To start the conversation, connect with him on LinkedIn:

Follow the Meetup's Facebook Page for more Real Estate tips and tricks, latest market update, access pictures and videos from past events, or kick start a conversation with each other.

An Educated Approach to Real Estate




Group Topics:

Landlords, Cashflow, Investing, Investing for Retirement, Home Buyers, Real Estate Networking, Real Estate Foreclosures, Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Investing, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment Education, Wholesaling Real Estate, and Beginner Real Estate Investing.

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