All Motorola Moto G7 phones are on sale again, new Moto G6 deal available too

Earlier this week, in a 4-day promotional sale, Motorola Mobility allowed US customers to buy any of its Moto G7 smartphones at discounted prices. That particular sale expired on June 8, but we're happy to inform you that Motorola just unveiled a similar promotional offer that's available from today, June 9, through June 15. 
Just as it did during the previous sale, Motorola is taking $30 off the unlocked Moto G7 (which currently costs $269.99 instead of $299.99), $20 off the unlocked Moto G7 Power ($229.99 instead of $249.99), and also $20 off the unlocked Moto G7 Play ($179.99 instead of $199.99). All three Moto G7 phones are compatible with most US carriers, including the big four, and come with no strings attached. It's true that you could get a Moto G7 for less than what Motorola is asking, but this requires device activation on select carriers. 
All Motorola Moto G7 phones are on sale again, new Moto G6 deal available too
Besides extending its Moto G7 sale, Motorola also has a pretty nice deal on the older (but still good) Moto G6. More exactly, until June 15, the company lets you buy an unlocked Moto G6 64 GB for $319.99 and receive a free unlocked Moto G6 32 GB (originally priced at $249.99). This way, you're getting two decent phones at $160 a piece.

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