Why compliance matters in recruiting

Recruiting compliance is often seen as an ambiguous list of requirements that make employers’ lives harder, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With the correct processes in place, compliance can be a key component of successful recruiting.

Why compliance matters in recruiting

The Same Process for Everyone

The OFCCP requirements for recruiting outreach states that all federal contractors, some sub-contractors and some contract suppliers need to thoroughly document every step of the outreach and hiring process to ensure all candidates are treated fairly. This is especially helpful when inadvertent industry stereotypes tend to slide into the hiring process, creating issues of candidate visibility. Diversity of applicants and hires means there are more opportunities for great hires and employee success.

Leave a Document Trail

Automating compliance documentation can make compliance audits easier. It is also necessary to have that documentation in order to pass the audit without being flagged of fined for not making good faith hiring efforts. All applicants should be invited during the application process to self-identify their race, gender, ethnicity and veteran status, if they choose to do so. They just need to make sure that it’s all thoroughly documented in order to avoid company exposure.

Easily Fulfil AAP Plans with Automation

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a valuable tool to collect, store and recall recruiting outreach and candidate information so at any point during the hiring process—and long after managers secure that first great hire. It’s also an easy way to help all members of the hiring team access information without having to make several copies or trying to share one copy of paperwork. In the event of an audit, outreach and applicant information can be quickly accessed and will help companies pass audits in minutes.

Again, an ATS stores information long after the initial hire is made, which can ultimately save a company significant time and money.

Prioritize Diversity and Reap the Benefits

The OFCCP, EEOC and VEVRAA are all created to ensure that candidates are being aware of open positions and being hired for their skills, regardless of their racial, ethnic or religious backgrounds, gender or sexual orientation, or veteran status. The point of following these recruiting outreach and hiring guidelines is to ensure that everyone applying at a company has the same candidate experience and is given the equal opportunity of employment.


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