White House shock as Trump rudely interrupted by fly during social media ‘bias’ attack

The President was giving an address at the White House to social media influencers. He sensationally claimed, without evidence, that Twitter was preventing people from following him. However Trump was interrupted during his address by a fly, which he admitted he doesn’t like.

Waving an arm at the fly Trump commented: “How did a fly get into the White House?

“I don’t like flies. I don’t like flies.”

This prompted laughter from the audience, which included many prominent right-wing social media activists.

Trump used his address to accuse prominent social media companies of cracking down on free speech.

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Trump latest news US President

Donald Trump: "I don’t like flies. I don’t like flies.” (Image: GETTY/REUTERS)

Trump latest news US President

Donald Trump was interrupted by a fly (seen in front of his forehead) (Image: REUTERS)

A number of right or far-right figures, such as former Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos and Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes, have been removed from social media platforms over the past few months.

Trump said: “We have terrible bias, we have censorship like nobody can believe.

“I’ll tell you a lot of bad things are happening.”

He went on to claim Twitter was making it harder for people to follow his account, or see his tweets, but did not provide supporting evidence.

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump invited right-wing influencers to the White House (Image: GETTY )

During the conference Trump praised the right-wing social media influencers.

He asserted: “Each of you is fulfilling a vital role in our nation.

“You are challenging the media gatekeepers and the corporate censors to bring the facts straight to the American people.

“Together, you reach more people than any television broadcast by far.”

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