'To Live and Die in LA' shows how much Google knows about you - Engadget

'To Live and Die in LA' shows how much Google knows about you - Engadget

Google Location History is an investigator's dream, and law enforcement is definitely taking notice. Federal and regional authorities around the United States have been tapping into Google's location database since 2016, using "geofence" warrants to request information on every device that entered a specific location at a certain time. The data points are anonymized -- at least until authorities have enough of a case to compel Google to share the personal information of likely culprits.

It's not a perfect system. Geofence warrants have already led to wrongful arrests; after all, Google is tracking a device, not an actual person. If someone takes your phone on a bank heist and law enforcement throws down a geofence warrant, your data is heading into the war room.

Police and federal investigators are using geofence warrants with increasing regularity. In April, The New York Times reported Google received as many as 180 requests from law enforcement a week. And, if you're interacting with modern society and technology, it's tricky to avoid Google's dragnet.

"We feel so privileged to be developing products for billions of users, and with that scale comes a deep sense of responsibility to create things that improve people's lives," Google CEO Sundar Pichai said during his opening monologue at the I/O conference in April. [Read More]

Published @ May 15, 2019

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'To Live and Die in LA' shows how much Google knows about you - Engadget

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