The Galaxy Note 10 might have its selfie camera in the center... do you think that'd look good?

Samsung skipped on the whole Notch fad only to join the punch-hole movement in 2019. The Galaxy S10 trio has edge-to-edge screens with just a tiny cutout at their top right for the selfie camera. Some people still hate it, others got used to it or don't mind it entirely. Hey, it's neat, it's clean, it's tucked away in the corner of the display — not a huge issue, right?We've been hearing for a while that the Note 10 might change that, though. Reportedly, Samsung doesn't want the Note 10 to be just a Galaxy S10++, so it's moving some things around, rethinking the design, and making it look like a phone of its own kind. And one of the changes would be — allegedly — the placement of the selfie camera hole.

Instead of being in the top-right, it would be right in the top center portion of the screen. Kind of like a waterdrop-style notch, only without the waterdrop. So, instead of being tucked away and hidden, it looks like the punch hole might be a lot more prominent and visible. Do you like how that looks on the preliminary renders? Or do you prefer to have the Galaxy S10-style hole?

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