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Socialite's Toronto

Is a place where people can meet to do business and/or socialise with others.

We will hold a combination of business and social activitys that give people the opporttuntity to connect with people who are working towards similar life goals.

Its hard to meet like minded people in todays fast paced environment therefore our organizers offer both buiness and social events to include professional networking, nights out and travel.

Because we offer a lot of different events and have more than one organizer expect to receive a lot of emails.  You may adjust your Meet Up group settings to control how you receive these emails.

All event details will be posted in the event page.  Before you decide to participate in an activity please make sure you read all the details so that you fully understand it and know what to expect whilst you are there.  If you have any questions about an activity please contact that organizer directly to discuss it with them.

Socialite's Toronto




Group Topics:

Small Business, Work At Home, Marketing, E-Business Owners, Network Marketing, Social Networking, Business, Business Referral Networking, Online Marketing, Professional Networking, Small Business Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Career, Business to Business Network Marketing, and Executive Coaching.

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