POLL: What do you think of the new Burst SMG in Fortnite Battle Royale?

The v9.10 Content Update removed the Suppressed SMG from the game’s loot tables and added the Burst SMG. What are your thoughts on this new weapon?

The Suppressed SMG has been a long time fixture in Fortnite and it had an important place in the meta. However, Epic has seen fit to remove the weapon in favor of the Burst SMG.

This new weapon isn’t a direct replacement of the older weapon. Instead, it fulfills a more direct fighting role as it cannot shred builds nearly as well. However, the potent 43 headshot damage can melt enemies.

We made a first look article on the weapon if you want to see more on what makes the weapon tick. You’ll find info on stats, structure damage, and more.

Is that you, my long lost Chicom? – via Epic Games

The Burst SMG packs a punch certainly, but its ‘replacement’ of the Suppressed SMG has come as a surprise to many players. A key aspect of this change is the meta impact for the Fortnite World Cup. We’ll have to wait and see how pro players adapt to such a big shift.

Once you’ve had a chance to play around with the weapon a little/watch some gameplay, we’d like to know your opinion on the new gun. The reasoning for your decision can be posted in the comments below if you want to.

Later this week, we’ll take the result of the poll and run some analysis on the weapon’s performance. At first glance, Epic may have made a mistake with this one…

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