Console gaming is at a crossroads - Engadget

Console gaming is at a crossroads - Engadget

Microsoft is taking the right fork. This one doesn't have game discs at all: The latest Xbox, revealed just this week, is called the One S All-Digital Edition and it's designed for online, download-centric gaming. It doesn't have an optical drive.

Sony, meanwhile, is staying the course. The path forward is clear and well-trod, but it's also slightly brighter and more crisp than the road behind. The next PlayStation, known as the PlayStation 5 for now, is an upgraded version of its existing hardware, promising to run faster and smoother than the PlayStation 4 Pro, with support for 8K graphics and 3D audio. It has an optical disc drive.

Physically, the optical drive is a small feature, but it represents a gigantic shift in the video game ecosystem. Streaming video games are on their way, whether established broadband networks are ready or not, and the industry is moving toward a borderless, cross-platform, digital-focused marketplace. [Read More]

Published @ April 19, 2019

Console gaming is at a crossroads - Engadget

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